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Documents Required:

  • Photograph in the white backdrop – if you don’t have it, share a regular front-facing picture, and we will make the changes to match the immigration requirements. 
  • Passport scanned copy in color

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How do I Apply Visa for India from the UK? ( ONE YEAR MULTIPLE ENTRY)

  • Determine if your Nationality qualifies for an India Visa.
  • Verify that you land at one of the Designated airports in the list.
  • Choose the correct type of Visa for India.
  • Compile the required documents following the specified instructions and send them to
  • Upon document verification, a brief form will be filled out.
  • Obtain account information and transfer funds online through a payment gateway or direct credit to Account.
  • Get clearance of your India Visa Application via mail within two to three business days.
  • Carry your passport and visa permission for India on paper.
  • The credibility of India Visas to enter India are valid for multiple entries for one year from the date of issuance. Multiple/double/triple entries are authorized for 180 days, depending on the kind of India Visa.


The three categories of UK-to-India visas are

  • Visa for Indian Tourists
  • Indian Business Visa
  • Indian Medical & Medical Attendant Visa


Visits might be for enjoyment, sightseeing, or seeing friends or family. Multiple-entry India visas are issued for one year, with each entry allowing for a 180-day stay.



  • Color-scanned image of the passport’s biographical page
  • A clear scan of the most recent appearance with a white background


Visits might be for social or short-term business purposes. Multiple-entry India visas are issued for one year, with each entry allowing for a 180-day stay.



  • Color-scanned image of the passport’s biographical page
  • A clear scan of the most recent appearance with a white background
  • Clean scanned copy of your business card OR a letter of invitation from India


Visits can be for short-term medical therapy. India Visa validity is 60 days, with three entries from the arrival date into India.


  • Color-scanned image of the passport’s biographical page
  • A clear scan of the most recent appearance with a white background
  • Precise Scan Reproduction of Hospital Letter




A passport must be valid for at least six months upon entry into India. So, it is essential to ensure that the passport’s validity fits Immigration’s requirements.

There should be at least two empty pages in a passport, one for visa stamping and one for entry/exit stamping.


To apply for an India visa, one photograph is required. The photograph’s backdrop should be white. The photo necessary dimensions for the India Visa Application are 35 mm by 45 mm.

The photos must be recent, front-facing, and heavily exposed on the face. Long-distance images, as well as those with dim or blurry clarity, are not acceptable.



To process a Business Visa to India, the Applicant must present their Business Card. Business Cards are required for Business Visa applications to India.
Also, the Applicant must provide the details of the Indian company, including the company’s full name, address, and website URL. It is also necessary to provide the representative’s name and phone number of the Indian company that invited the Applicant to India.


To apply for a Medical Visa in India, the Applicant must present a copy of an invitation letter from the institution.

The Applicant is required to obtain a letter on hospital letterhead from the hospital. On the Letter supplied by the hospital, the Applicant’s name, Nationality, passport number, and requested treatment type should be specified.

The Letter should include the name, address, phone number, and signature of the hospital’s representative.


Visa approvals for India are typically acquired within 24 to 72 hours. In rare instances, it may take longer.

Candidates who intend to apply for an India visa are urged to apply early to prevent delays at the last minute.

After acquiring an India visa, it is always recommended to reserve a flight.



Multiple-Entry India Visas typically have a validity of ONE YEAR to FIVE YEAR. However, a stay of up to 180 days is permitted upon arrival in India.

Tourist visa applicants receive an India visa for a stay of up to 180 days and multiple entries for one year.

Candidates for a Business Visa are granted an India visa for up to 180 days and multiple entries for one year.

Candidates for a Medical Visa are granted an India visa for stays of up to 60 days and three entries (three entries within 60 days).



Candidates with the below passports can apply for an Indian visa in the UK. Whether the Applicant is a tourist in the UK or a permanent resident, applying for an Indian visa in the UK is simple.

  • Albania, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan
  • Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burundi
  • Cambodia, the Republic of the Cameron Union, Canada, Cape Verde, Cayman Island, Chile, and China. China- SAR Hongkong, China- SAR Macau, Colombia, Comoros, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic; China- SAR Hongkong, China- SAR Macau; Comoros; Cook Islands; Costa Rica; Cote d
  • Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic
  • East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia
  • Fiji, Finland, France
  • Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guyana
  • Haiti, Honduras, Hungary
  • Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy,
  • Jamaica, Japan, Jordan
  • Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati
  • Laos, Latvia, Lesotho, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg
  • Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Montserrat, Mozambique, Myanmar
  • Namibia, Nauru, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, the Niger Republic, Niue Island, and Norway.
  • Oman
  • Palau, Palestine, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal
  • Rwanda, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Macedonia, Romania, and Russia.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Swaziland, and Switzerland.
  • Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos Island, Tuvalu
  • UAE, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, United States of America, Uzbekistan
  • Vanuatu, Vatican City-Holy See, Vietnam, and Venezuela.
  • Zambia and Zimbabwe


India Visa permits entry into the country at International Airports or Seaports.



Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bagdogra, Bengaluru, Calicut, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Coimbatore, Delhi, Gaya, Goa, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mangalore, Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Tiruchirappalli, Trivandrum, Varanasi & Vishakhapatnam



Cochin, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai

Any recognized Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) in India may be used for exiting the country.



  • Each Applicant must possess a valid international passport, regardless of age.
  • International Passport holders traveling to India must carry a passport valid for at least six months after their arrival date.
  • The primary purpose of a trip to India should be tourism – recreation, sightseeing, or a casual visit to see friends or family. Business – Informal business contacts and visits. Medical – Treatment for a limited duration
  • Travelers having an International Travel Document, Laissez-passer travel document, People endorsed by Parents/Spouse Passport, Pakistan National Passport/Pakistan Origin are required to apply for a Regular Visa at the Indian Missions in their country of origin or country of residence.
  • Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders are encouraged to contact the Indian Embassy.


  • newest front-facing photograph with a white background
  • The India Visa Application must accompany a copy of the Applicant’s passport and UK identification document.
  • Minors who do not possess a UK Identification Card must submit a copy of their Birth Certificate and Passport.
  • All Indian regular visa applications must be submitted online, and a signed printout must accompany the passport submission.
  • Any current valid India Visa must be canceled before granting a New India Visa; therefore, the previous passport containing accurate visa information to India must be presented with a new India Visa application.
  • Once a passport has been submitted with a visa application, it will be returned once the Visa has been granted or denied. Any emergency withdrawals of keys will only be accepted if the cause for the retreat is stated in writing and accompanied by documents of itinerary or any other reason specified in the application for emergency withdrawal of passport.
  • On the FaxForm for India Visa Application, the Home Country Address (same as passport) must be provided.
  • In the case of dual citizenship and for applicants with two passports of the same Nationality, all pertinent information must be disclosed in the Indian visa application. Copies of the second passport and the application form for an India visa must be submitted. Moreover, the details of the two keys must be included on the India Visa Application Form.
  • For circumstances in which a foreigner’s Nationality is related to the work ID issued in the UK, i.e., Work Permit/EP, they must submit the passport linked to their working status ID in the UK. For example, if the Applicant holds a Spanish and Canadian key, but his Nationality, according to UK IC, is Canadian, he must present his Canadian passport with his India visa application.
  • The Indian High Commission has demanded the collection of biometric information for all Indian visa applicants between the ages of 12 and 70.
  • Diplomatic and official passport holders must submit visa applications directly to the Indian High Commission in London.
  • Only the Indian High Commission can grant or deny Indian visas, so all applicants are advised to schedule their flights and accommodations only after approval of their particular Indian permits.
  • Indian Visa validity begins on the day of visa issuance.
  • The Processing Time for an Indian Visa Application for UK citizens takes 3 to 4 working days and non-UK 6 to 7 working days (Subject to Approval)



Refer to the General as mentioned earlier Guidelines before proceeding with the following sections.

  • UK Company – Authentic Letter of undertaking from the Applicant’s present company confirming the Applicant’s current employment, salary, the purpose of the visit to India, and the term of the Visa required. The Letter must be typed on the company’s letterhead, signed by an authorized individual, and fastened with the company’s official stamp.
  • Indian Business – Color Scan Copy of the invitation letter from the Indian company outlining the purpose of the visit and the term of the Visa sought. The Letter must be typed on the company’s letterhead, signed by an authorized individual, and fastened with the company’s official stamp.
  • Candidates who are frequent business travelers to India and possess a previously valid Indian Visa on a UK-issued passport can apply for a new 2-year Business Visa by submitting a copy of their previous Indian Visa.
  • The Business Name Card must accompany the India Visa Application Form.
  • Indian Company and UK Corporation may be asked to present a copy of their Business Incorporation by the Visa Officer if necessary at a later stage.
  • Generally, Indian business visas are granted for one year with numerous entries.
  • In rare instances, visas may be granted for a shorter duration. The discretion regarding issuing an Indian permit rests with the Indian High Commission in London.


Refer to the General Guidelines before proceeding with the material below.

  • UK – Official Letter of undertaking from the Applicant’s existing employer confirming the purpose and duration of the visit to India. The Letter must be typed on the company’s letterhead, signed by an authorized individual, and fastened with the company’s official stamp.
  • Color Scan Indian Conference Organizer Copy of Letter of invitation from the conference organizer in India outlining the purpose of the conference and the requested visa term. The Letter must be typed on the company’s letterhead, signed by an authorized individual, and fastened with the company’s official stamp.
  • Candidates traveling for political and scientific conferences must have a clearance letter from the Nodal Ministry of the Government of India (External Affairs/ Home Affairs). In addition to the other documents required for filing an Indian Conference Visa, a copy of all government clearances must be included.
  • Visas for Indian conferences are often issued for a single-entry term of three months or one month, depending on the meeting length. The discretion regarding the issuance of an Indian visa rests with the Indian High Commission.
  • Required paperwork for the Indian Conference Before purchasing flight tickets, the Visa must be checked. Upon validation of papers and submission of a visa application before issuing a visa, the Applicant may be required to present a copy of their airline ticket before visa approval.


Refer to the General Guidelines before proceeding with the material below.

  • Admission Letter – Students enrolled in Indian universities must apply for an Indian Student Visa to attend classes in India. The Indian government must recognize the institution where the student is registered. The Applicant must present the admission letter issued by the educational institution, which includes student details, course duration, and other pertinent course-related information.
  • Indian Student Visas are typically provided solely for the duration of the study.
  • Together with the Indian Visa Application Form, a Payment Receipt or Proof of Payment for the Course must be supplied.
  • Before submission, all Student Visa applications must be pre-approved by the High Commission of India in the UK.



Refer to the General Guidelines before proceeding with the material below.

  • Letter from Indian Hospital – A recommendation letter or Letter of appointment from the doctor at the Indian Hospital who intends to treat the Applicant is necessary. On the hospital’s letterhead, the Applicant’s condition, the length of stay, and whether or not an attendant is required should be specified. The signature or the doctor’s stamp should include position, specialty, and hospital information.
  • Prior Treatment Documentation Together with the India Visa Application, medical documents, and diagnostic results must be presented as evidence of previous treatment.
  • Indian Medical Visas are only issued for the duration of treatment prescribed by an Indian physician.
  • Medical Attendant Visas are issued following the respective Medical Visas and require the same documentation listed above/li>.



Refer to the General Guidelines before proceeding with the material below.

  • Domestic Workers may only travel to India if accompanied by their employer.
  • Together with the Indian Visa Application, both the employer and domestic worker must send a copy of their round-trip tickets to India.
  • Letter from the employer stating that they are responsible for the domestic worker’s travel and requesting visa permission with travel dates to India.
  • Copies of the Employer’s Passport and Identification Card must be included with the India Visa Application.
  • Visas are only issued for 30-day single-entry stays. Before applying for a permit to India, applicants who require access for a longer duration than allowed must obtain approval. Visa is valid for 30 days beginning on the day of issuance, not the date of arrival in India. The employer should therefore ensure visa applications are submitted on schedule and travels are planned accordingly.



Refer to the General Guidelines before proceeding with the material below.

  • At least two years of continuous residence in the UK is a prerequisite for applying for an employment visa to India from the UK. The Applicant for an Indian Employment Visa must present evidence that they have resided in the UK for at least two years. With the Indian Visa Application Form, photocopies of prior Employment Documents / Letters of Employment from the present employer indicating continuous employment for at least two years are required.
  • The Applicant’s curriculum vitae, biodata, or resume
  • Copy of Evidence of Employment provided by the Indian Company must be signed by both the Applicant and the Indian Company’s representative. Information such as the period of employment, the position provided, wage compensation, and income tax liabilities should be clearly stated on the employment contract. The salary should only be listed in INR.
  • Indian Firms must submit a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation with their Employment Visa application.
  • If applicable, a letter from the UK firm describing the Applicant’s employment contract with the Indian company must be given.
  • In a later phase, applicants may be required to submit the appropriate Educational Certificates or Experience Certificates to demonstrate their qualifications for the position offered by the Indian Company.
  • Employment Visas to India are typically issued for durations ranging from one month for a single entry to one year for numerous entries or even longer, depending on the needs of the Indian company.
  • Applicants who have obtained Employment Visas to India may, if necessary, apply for Employment Dependent Visas for their spouses and children.


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