Indian Visa Requirements and Fees for British or UK nationals Visa to India from the UK

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Indian visa for British nationals: conditions, fees, and application procedure explained.

India is an incredible place for a holiday, but it is also an essential nation for business activity. It has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and many business tourists visit the region. To enter India for business or pleasure, a visa application is required.

Several nations can submit an online application for an India Visa UK Nationals. However, the e-business visa, e-medical visa, and Indian e-Visa for visitors are now available to citizens of the United Kingdom. The Indian immigration authority will soon make the United Kingdom eligible for the e-business visa. The e-visa application process is more straightforward than the traditional visa application.

This article explains all the entrance visa requirements for India, including the India e-business visa application and the India E-Visa application process at the Indian embassy. Continue reading to learn all the necessary information for this tour.

How to apply India visa UK?

The computerized Indian visa is now available for UK people, so you must not wait to apply. Hopefully, it has become available again. Using the India Visa online Application system at IVC is the simplest method.

As you wait for the eVisa to become accessible again, please visit our website to inquire about the visa’s criteria or anything else you may need to know.

Entry requirements for India from UK

For a valid visa application, you must have a passport with at least two blank visa pages that are machine-readable and valid for at least 180 days beyond your intended date of departure. In addition to these criteria, you must provide a color copy of the Passport Identification Page.

You may also be required to provide a Business Introductory Letter from the applicant’s UK employer to demonstrate the trip’s business purpose if you apply for a business Visa. Every correspondence must be on company letterhead and include a UK postal address.

The application must also include a fully-completed Visa Self Declaration. More information is available below in this article.

How to apply online for visa to India from UK?

If you are eligible to apply for an Indian business e-Visa, the application process is straightforward. It takes 10 minutes to submit an online form on the IVC Services website, which requires personal information, passport information, flight information, and attachment of relevant documents.

You will need a copy of your passport in PDF format, a digital passport photo in JPEG format (similar to the requirements for a standard visa), a copy of your business card (if applying for a business India visa) in PDF format, and a credit or debit card to pay for the feed.

These are the steps for applying for an e-visa.

The total procedure for obtaining an evisa to India from UK

Obtain your Indian business visa in three easy steps online:

  • First, read all the material and enter your information, such as your passport number. Then, select the desired processing time.
  • Second, double-check and verify your information, then pay the visa charge online using a credit or debit card.
  • Attach any required documents and click the submit button to complete your application form.

After receiving your visa via email, you should print the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) to present to Indian immigration authorities upon arrival.


Form for India Self-Declaration

The India Self Declaration is a required travel document for all India-bound passengers. The official record is not a substitute for a visa, but it is an important measure that helps local authorities control the spread of COVID-19 and track new cases.

All passengers can apply online with a few clicks and obtain their declaration by email.

Here is the online application for the India Self Declaration!

Commonly Requested Information

Can British nationals apply for an Indian business or tourist e-visa?

Yes, British residents traveling to India for business purposes or sightseeing, or Medical grounds are required to get a visa to India from the UK before departure. Alternatively, you may choose between a Tourist visa and a Medical visa. Each has its unique specifications. On our Indian Visa product page, you can learn more about each visa’s requirements.

How long is the evisa UK to India valid ?

This Indian visa is valid for one month to five years, depending on the type of India Visa you have applied for, following issuance and up to 30 – 180 days per entry. So it’s a visa for your various visits to India.

What documentation is needed to apply for an e-Visa?

Only a few documents are required for travelers who can apply for a visa online, and IVC Services will do most of the work. Here’s what you need:

  • A current digital photograph of yourself is recommended. The background should be white, and odd facial expressions should be avoided.
  • A scan of the information page of the passport.
  • IVC Services offers debit and credit cards as payment methods.

What are the requirements for photographs for an India business visa?

You must supply a digital photograph as part of the application process for this document. The painting must meet the following criteria:

  •  The photo’s height and width must be equal.
  • It must provide a frontal image of your face with both eyes open.
  •  The beginning of the candidate must be centered.
  • It is required to have a white background.
  • There are no faces or backdrop shadows.
  • Please submit your image without any boundaries.

If you do not have a recent photo, you can quickly obtain one using our Passport photo service.

Costs and processing periods for the India e-business visa

For individuals eligible to apply for Indian business visas, there are three processing time choices with varied costs:

  • The typical processing time is five days and costs $88.
  • Expedited service in three days is $118.00.
  • Super Rush turnaround time of 36 hours costs USD 153.00.
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What does the India e-visa look like?

Below is a sample of the India e-visa:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at IVC can process your India Visa from the UK within 24-72 hours after receiving all necessary documents and payment. IVC has processed over 10,000 India Visa applications from UK.

Visa services to India from UK is already resumed and you can apply for India visa on IVC website.

India tourist visa from UK is already resumed and you can apply for India visa on IVC website.

E visa to India from the UK has already been resumed and you can apply for an India visa on IVC website. There was some interim period restrictions during Covid – 19, but now it is not there.